The International University of East Africa Faculty of Law will hold a summit on Monday, 5th December where technology enthusiasts will meet to discuss, compare notes, and share ideas around one of the most important questions of today – the intersection of technology and the law.

The IUEA Tech law summit will be happening for the second time at the institution aiming to be the ‘technological university of choice’, after the inaugural event was held last year in August themed “Uganda’s technology legal framework in the New Age.”

Now, this year’s IUEA Tech law summit expands the topic of discussion to encompass the East Africa region as well, thus the theme is; “The Fourth Industrial Revolution: East Africa’s Legal Framework in the New Age.”

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Unlike last year’s event which featured speeches from law tech experts, this year’s IUEA Law Tech summit will get the experts and industry thought leaders to present their respective researches in the form of paper presentations.

The debate on technology and its relationship with society is trending globally and East Africa is not an exception.

Questions around whether our governments are ready to regulate and harness tech for the betterment of society are hovering all over in the minds of men and women of industry.

Indeed; “When new technology is created, it ordinarily causes immediate disruption so that by the time it is carefully understood by regulators it has become obsolete and newer technologies now exist. It is an overt characteristic of our written laws that they are slow to develop let alone evolve. Often, technological innovations – whether products or services – that require regulation are regulated retrospectively rather than prospectively.” A profile of the event reads.

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For lawyers and law students, the importance of attending the IUEA Tech Law summit and other such events can not be overstated. This is because the legal profession is in the business of representation and giving advice and certainly you can’t advise or litigate on things you don’t understand.

” … Lawyers ought to be at par with all global shifts in technology and their legal implications. They must remain up-to-date with developments in these areas, recognizing that technology cuts through all sectors of the law ranging from contracts, employment and procurement to forensic evidence, criminal investigations and human rights enforcement, among others. Therefore, understanding the complex problems revolving around technology is essential for every lawyer in Africa in order for our legal systems to be at par with the rest of the developed world.” According to the event profile.

According to the organizers of the IUEA Law Tech Summit, the event will take a full day and shall be held purely online (so you can attend in your favorite coffee shop!).

The Tech Law summit will feature great speakers – industry captains, key stakeholders, academics, regulators, and policy makers.

Paper presentations will touch the following areas including; E-commerce & the Law, Fintech & the Law, Telemedicine & the Law, Data Protection and Privacy & the Law, Criminal Justice & the Law, Digital Surveillance & the Law, Artificial Intelligence & the Law, Telecommunications & the Law, Digital Media & the Law, LegalTech, Digital Trade & the Law, Ride-hailing & the Law, RegTech andRegional Integration and Technology.

The event is open to everyone and the organizers say participants include lawyers, law students, academics and the general public.

What can you do?

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Article corrects in Paragraph 9 to reflect event will last a full day not three hours as initially mentioned